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At Circular Motion Recycling, we empower properties to achieve their sustainability goals through innovative recycling services designed for multi-family residences. Enhance your property's appeal and operational efficiency while contributing to a healthier planet.

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  • Tailored Recycling Solutions: Customized services to meet the diverse needs of your
  • Community Focus: We not only recycle but educate, fostering a recycling culture within your
  • Sustainable Impact: Our practices reduce waste and operational costs, adding value to your
    property and the environment.
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Doorstep Collection

Our Doorstep Collection service offers residents a convenient way to recycle and dispose of waste directly from their doorstep.

Recycling Programs

Choose the perfect recycling solution for your property from our two specialized packages, each designed to meet different needs and scales of operation within multi-family residences.

Educational Outreach

Our Educational Outreach programs aim to inform and engage the community about the importance of recycling and sustainable practices.

Maximizing Savings with Strategic Recycling Initiatives Note: This case study is based on industry data and generalized outcomes observed in similar initiatives.


A typical multifamily residential complex grappling with high waste management costs wanted to enhance its sustainability practices and reduce expenses.


The implementation of a multi-stream recycling program was chosen, focusing on optimizing the segregation of recyclables and reducing landfill waste. Key strategies included installing advanced sorting facilities, improving resident education on recycling, and streamlining waste collection processes.


The recycling program led to a dramatic decrease in general waste production and enhanced recycling efficiency. Within the first year, these changes resulted in significant cost savings, with potential annual savings estimated at $60,000, mirroring industry-reported outcomes. The program also boosted tenant satisfaction and participation in sustainability efforts.


This example demonstrates the potential financial and environmental benefits of implementing effective recycling strategies in multifamily complexes. By adopting similar measures, properties can achieve substantial cost reductions while contributing positively to environmental sustainability.

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